What we are about

Those of us in the ecopsychology community, authoring this website, are passionate about making a collective shift towards living regeneratively. As ecopsychologists we’re aware that the shift is not only practical, but also calls for a change in consciousness. We look for change in the way we humans (especially, but not only, in the so-called West or Global North) have come to see ourselves in relation to the rest of life. In particular we seek a re-visioning of the divide we’ve put between our own species, other species and everything that is not human, or deemed not ‘useful’ to humans. We come from a diverse range of backgrounds: therapists, environmentalists, academics, business consultants, doctors, as well as ceremony makers, gardeners, journalists, teachers, film-makers, ecologists, artists, horticulturalists, activists, writers…. and many of us move between several of these worlds.

Ecopsychology is an emerging field; a discipline, an art form, a practice, which bridges between professions and trades, between ways of thinking, between head, heart and hands. Whilst we are a mix of women, men, and those who identify in a less binary way, we are also aware that many of us in this community are white and from a ‘western’ background. Our hope is that this changes as the community becomes more diverse and accessible.

Take a look at the History page for an account of how the Ecopsychology UK group came into being, with our struggle to communicate the breadth and depth of this field, as well as our diversity of thinking.

Wherever you stand as someone who’s found this site, we hope you’ll agree that there is no more urgent issue facing humanity, and for the creatures and plants and beings who share this extraordinary planet with us, than how we as sentient and supposedly intelligent humans relate to the Earth community. So, although we don’t yet have a formal group of officers, leaders, secretaries, bottle-washers – and probably never will – as a group we’d love to hear from you.If you are looking for any sort of ecopsychology input – a therapist, a workshop, a speaker, someone to interview for research or for journalism, or access to training – you should be able to find some of these on the website by looking through the pages listed across the top of the page.