Climate change, and how we as a species relate to the planet and the natural world, is the biggest, most urgent and most important story journalism will ever have to cover. It is possible that humankind may not survive the massive environmental changes which are on the horizon, some already happening. And even if we do survive, we will all have to live in a fundamentally different way with nature, and with one other. There’s no more compelling narrative than this.

The small band of ecopsychologists in the UK are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds: counsellors, therapists, ecologists, academics, psychologists, doctors, writers, gardeners, ceremony-makers, wilderness guides, and many other activists behind it. This website, and the community itself, is a resource of passion, engagement, learning and action. Within this coummunity there is some expertise on how we might best meet and debate these challenges; emotionally, psychologically and practically.

If as a journalist you’re looking for an expert to interview, let us know. Equally, if you’re an ordinary media consumer confused about how this story is being told, let us know. If you’ve got a story you want to tell, let us know. We look forward to hearing.

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