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This page provides a listings of established practitioners working in the UK and Ireland. We hope that this gives you a starting point in connecting with an ecopsychologist and/or ecotherapists.

The ecopsychology practitioners listed here offer a diverse range of practices, including personal ecotherapy, mentoring for individuals or organisations, ecopsychology group work, wilderness practice, etc. Some people might describe their practice as ‘earth-based’, ‘nature therapy’, ‘The Work That Reconnects’, or ‘wilderness practice’ – reflecting the many different forms of practice within the field of ecopsychology.

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For those seeking practitioners:

As always, when choosing a practitioner please satisfy yourself that you are working with the right person for your, perhaps be in contact with more than one person until finding someone who suits you. A referral or personal recommendation is the ideal way to find a practitioner, though we know that this isn’t always possible, especially if you’re new to this field. To help you with this search we have asked each practitioner who applies to be listed to name two therapy colleagues (a supervisor or close peer, for example) who are each prepared to endorse their practitioner’s work, one of whom is already known to this community already and listed here. Please do bear in mind that we don’t necessarily personally know and ‘vet’ the practitioners on this list.

You might also want to browse other ecopsychology/ecotherapy lists, for example: the practitioner list of the International Community of Ecopscyhology and the practitioner list of the International Community for Ecopsychology.

For practitioners:

If you would like to apply to be listed here, please download and complete this word document and follow the guidelines for it’s return to Robbie Breadon. Please bear in mind that you inclusion here will need to be endorsed by two people, one of whom is already listed here. We would really appreciate it if you would consider giving a donation for being listed here – this site is voluntarily run and hosted by volunteers relying purely on donations, so any financial contributions are gratefully received!

Stefan Batorijis (Ashburton, Devon)
Forest Medicine Practitioner. Spiritual Ecologist. Life Coach.

What we offer: 1:1 Ecotherapy, Shinrin Yoku Practitioner Training Courses Basic and Advanced, Wild Coaching. After training and working originally as an Environmental Educator and Park Ranger, Stefan re-trained as a Psychotherapist and Outdoor Activity Instructor following a period of depression. Stefan was a founding pioneer of Ecotherapy in the UK in the early nineties, culminating in setting up the highly acclaimed Ecotherapy Project with Plymouth NHS. He has been lecturing on the benefits of Nature for recovery from mental illness in the Clinical Psychology department at the University of Plymouth for the last 27 years, and in 2017 he set up Nature and Therapy UK – offering 1:1 and group Ecotherapy sessions, and training Shinrin Yoku practitioners from around the world. Stefan believes we all have a primal and spiritual relationship to Nature as our ‘home’.

Contact details:, 07907 951816

Two people who endorse my work are: Adrian Harris and Justine Huxley

Roger Duncan (Gloucestershire)

Systemic, Family and Eco Psychotherapist and author. M.Sc., UKCP

What I offer: talks, trainings, supervision, Systemic psychotherapy, organisational consultancy and group facilitation that offer an exploration of ecological and systemic perspectives on complex issues. I originally studied biology and later trained as a Waldorf teacher, and Wilderness rites of passage guide with The School of Lost Borders before becoming a Systemic Family Therapist. I have been involved in exploring nature-based practice for more than 30 years. I currently work as registered Systemic Family Therapist in the NHS and in private practice, with individuals, families, and organisations. My intention is to find ways to bring experiential encounter with the Imaginal into mainstream education and therapeutic practise.  My book: Nature in Mind, Systemic Thinking and Imagination in Ecopsychology and Mental Health was published by Routledge in 2018.

Contact details:, 07807 099339

Two people who endorse my work are Kelvin Hall and Emma Palmer.

Helen Edwards (Oxford, UK)

Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, Artist, Amerta Movement Practitioner and Ecopsychotherapist.

What I offer – I work with nature, art forms, movement and the senses to explore embodiment and evolution in both indoors and outdoor settings. My work places human experiencing in a greater than human ecological context. For over 20 years I have developed work with individuals, families and groups and also have developed community and educational projects in a range of settings. Experience and Qualifications: I have a Bsc in Pathobiology, an MA in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy and have studied Butoh Dance in Japan and Amerta Movement in Indonesia.

Contact details:, 07947 546133

Two people who endorse my work are: Clare Davis and Ally Stott

Lucy Ford (Oxford, UK)
Integrative counsellor, psychotherapist and ecotherapist
I offer individual counselling and psychotherapy both indoors and outdoors, working organically drawing on a diversity of fields. My core training is in Other Centred Therapy (OCT) based on Buddhist psychology and Person Centred Therapy. I also have qualifications in psychodynamic counselling, bereavement support and ecotherapy and I’m a member of the BACP. With a 20 year background of higher education in the social sciences I am keenly aware of how power structures shape our lives, including our inner worlds. Beyond the social we are also part of the wider web of life. Ecotherapy expands the therapeutic space to include the wider world, in consciousness and by stepping outdoors. Contact details:, 07729 350555
Two people who endorse my work are Matthew Henson and Ally Stott

​Caroline Frizell (Totnes, Devon)

Dance Movement Psychotherapist  (DMP) and Ecopsychologist         

What I offer: I offer individual, group work and supervision, as well as training programmes, lectures and community projects. My practice Integrates DMP and ecopsychology as embodied practice.  I am a Senior Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist with a Diploma in supervision from the Society of Analytical Psychologists.

Practice Location: London and South Devon (Totnes & Newton Abbot)

Contact details:   07787 982219

Two people who endorse my work are: Mary-Jayne Rust  and Chris Robertson 

Kelvin Hall  (Stroud, Gloucestershire)


What I offer: I offer psychotherapy which embraces the intervention of other-than-human life in both content and process; this includes equine-assisted work. Also sessions for individuals and groups focussing on deep-connection with other life – these can feature both equine-assisted process and other work outdoors. I write, tutor training workshops and give talks on the above themes.

Experience and qualifications: Twenty-six years practicing psychotherapy, many years as professional storyteller.  Many years as student of natural and classical horsemanship, and also immersed in the British countryside. Numerous outdoor and equestrian learning projects with all age groups, including wilderness trips with young people to Dartmoor, Sinai, Crimea.  PQMA in Integrative Psychotherapy (research subject: Conversation with Nature); B.A. Hons History and Literature; Cert. Ed.

Contact details:  01453 933861   Postal address : Cherry Tree Cottage, Shortwood,Nailsworth,GL6 0SB

Two people who endorse my work are: Tree Staunton (Director of Studies, BCPC) Dave Slattery (Tutor, BCPC)

Adrian Harris  (Exeter, Devon)  

Counsellor & psychotherapist. Ecopsychologist. Workshop facilitator.

What I offer: Counselling and psychotherapy indoors or in a local park. I have an integrative approach that draws on Ecopsychology, Experiential Focusing and mindfulness practice. I offer workshops that use sensory awareness, mindfulness and shamanistic practices to help participants deepen their relationship with nature. Writing and research.

Experience and Qualifications: PhD Religious Studies, MSc Counselling and Psychotherapy. I have also trained as a Focusing Oriented Therapist. I have been involved with ecopsychology for over ten years. I have published research on ecopsychology and regularly blog on the subject. I completed my MA dissertation on outdoor therapy and have trained with practitioners from both the US and the UK. I am a member of Counsellors and Psychotherapists Outdoors.

Contact details: 07528 574089  

Two people who endorse my work are:   Nick Totton  Beth Collier

Matthew Henson (Kinsale, Co. Cork, Republic of Ireland)

Existential psychotherapist, ecopsychologist, group facilitator and trainer  

I offer individual psychotherapy, relationship therapy, ecopsychology and group facilitation, and training in each of those areas. My psychotherapy practice is influenced by the principles of ecopsychology and my ecopsychology practice is influenced by the principles of existential-phenomenology; both include working indoors and outside as appropriate. I offer both full training events and workshop contributions to conferences. My practice draws upon 25 years of experience in social care provision across the voluntary, statutory and private sectors, both in the UK and Republic of Ireland. I hold qualifications in existential psychotherapy (UKCP and IAHIP registered), wild therapy and psychotherapist & counsellor training.

Contact details: 00 353 873580709

Two people who endorse my work are Emma Palmer and Mary-Jayne Rust

David Key (Online and Aotearoa New Zealand) BSc (Hons), MSc (Dist), FCHE, MLTUK, NZOIA

Ecotherapist, Coach & Consultant

What I offer: Professional development, coaching and consultancy – indoors, outdoors and online.

Contact details: 00 64 27 504 6886, email, location: Online and Whangarei, Aotearoa New Zealand, formerly UK-based.

Two people who endorse my work are: Roger Duncan and Mary-Jayne Rust. 

Emma Palmer (Bristol)  

Embodied-Relational therapist, Wild therapist, ecopsychologist, supervisor and facilitator.   

What I offer: I work as an Embodied-Relational therapist, supervisor and facilitator in Bristol. I offer individual therapy indoors and outdoors. I offer ‘Wild therapy’ talks and workshops as well as workshops interweaving embodiment and ecopsychology, drawing upon themes from my books Meditating with Character, Other than mother: Choosing childlessness with life in mind, Bodywise: weaving somatic psychotherapy, ecodharma and the Buddha in everyday life  and #MeToo: counsellors and psychotherapists speak about sexual violence and abuse. Please read more about my relevant qualifications and experience on my website.

Contact details:  Mobile: 07905 147 968  Email  Location: Bishopston, North Bristol, BS7, UK

Two people who endorse my work are:  Nick Totton and Mary-Jayne Rust .

Hilary Prentice (Totnes, South Devon) 

Integrative Psychotherapist, Ecopsychologist

What I offer:  Integrative Psychotherapy and Supervision, profoundly shaped by two decades of involvement in Ecopsychology, and more recently, Inner Transition.

Experience and qualifications: Over twenty five years experience as counsellor, psychotherapist, groupworker and supervisor. Helping initiate and develop UK Ecopsychology movement – enquiring, teaching, speaking, writing and facilitating workshops. Training in and facilitating many Deep Ecology events. Founding the Totnes ‘Inner Transition’ group as part of the Transition Movement, writing and speaking about this. Eight years as student in the Ridhwan School, a psychospiritual training. M.Sc Integrative Psychotherapy. Dip Couns., M.Sc. Medical Sociology, B.A. Social Anthropology. UKCP Registered, Member Metanoia Institute, MBACP.

Contact details: 01364 631033. Holne village, Devon TQ13 7SN

Two people who endorse my work are: Tania Dolley and Mary Jayne Rust 

Mary-Jayne Rust (London)

Ecopsychologist, Jungian Analyst, Art Therapist        

What I offer: Individual therapy; talks and lectures; workshops an courses; writing. Further info.

Experience and qualifications: Over 30 yrs experience as psychotherapist seeing individuals, running groups and workshops. Jungian Analyst (Society of Analytical Psychology); ecopsychologist, Art Therapist; Feminist psychotherapist. See website

Contact details: 020 8340 3353 Location: Near Highate Tube station, London.Two people who endorse my work are: Nick Totton and Chris Robertson

Viola Sampson (London)

Craniosacral therapist and ecopsychologist

What I offer: Craniosacral therapy for individuals, trees and horses. Craniosacral therapy combined with homeopathic remedies and essences. Activist trauma support and resilience skills. Writing and workshops.

Experience and qualifications: Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy. More than 15 years experience in environmental activism and campaign communications. See

Contact details: 07791 153183 

Practice location: The Healthy Living Centre, 282 St Paul’s Road, London N1 2LH. (Nearest station Highbury & Islington tube/overland, easily accessible from Central London and Hertfordshire rail stations.)

Two people who endorse my work are: Mary-Jayne Rust  and Nick Totton 

Chiara Santin (East Sussex)

Systemic and Family psychotherapist. BA (Hons), MA.

What I offer: family therapy, ecotherapy, attachment-based therapy, couple work, specialist parenting support online, in person and in nature – in the beautiful Downs and natural reserves along the Sussex Coast. I offer multi-group family therapy in nature, supporting and promoting emotional self-regulation for children who have many sensory and behavioural needs, and develop support networks for families through art and nature, particularly those children who have special needs and those families who would not necessarily engage with formal therapy. I have been part of developing a training course in systemic thinking and ecotherapy, nature and art and craft, for Dandelion Time, in Kent, which has been working therapeutically in nature with families for 20 years. I am also director of Rainbow Community Projects.

Contact details: 07548 390567

Two people who endorse my work are Roger Duncan and Gail Simon

Ally Stott (Oxford)

Transpersonal Psychotherapy a Whole-Earth approach, Craniosacral Therapy, Reclaiming the Wise Woman.

What I offer: Body and earth focused individual therapy both indoors and outside, day-long meditation retreats. I have accompanied people in this exploration of being human for 20 years. My work is fed by  my love of the land, ecopsychology, shamanic training, and an embodied, contemplative approach.

Experience and Qualifications; MA Critical Theory, MA Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy (karuna Institute) (UKCP), BA Fine Art, Diploma Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (CSTA). I started exploring then training in the healing arts in my early twenties due to a crisis in my own life. Learning to meditate at this time and becoming conscious that the Earth and I were in active relationship, changed the orientation of my life and set me on the path of my current work.

My work is based around central Oxford and Wolvercote Common.

Contact details: 07968 691870

Two people who endorse my work are: Annie Davy and Alison Weller.

James Barrott (Lancaster, Manchester, South Cumbria)
Ecotherapist, Gestalt Psychotherapist, Outdoor Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer.

I offer Therapy and supervision outdoors, face to face and online.
All the therapeutic work we are likely to do- whether developing strengths, overcoming our
wounds or learning how to gain fulfilment and resilience, are also underpinned by the fact
the environment is our life support system of which we are a part and hence has huge
importance in our wellbeing and consequently in therapy. By including your connection to
the immediate and wider environment in the work, we tap into something deep and
I have worked as a full-time therapist since 1997. While my specialism is people, I specialise
in autism and eco-grief. I have been a therapist trainer for 10 years.

I am a qualified Gestalt Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Supervisor and Lecturer UKCP Reg,
Contact Details:- 07899 750423
Two people who endorse my work are: Matthew Henson and Steve Lewis

Stephen Tame (Dartmoor, South Devon)
Embodied-Relational Therapist, Wild Therapist

What I offer: Relational Body Psychotherapy and Wild Therapy, on Dartmoor, in the garden and in the room. Body Psychotherapy weekends, Embodied-Relational Therapy workshops and training, Wild Therapy workshops, Group Facilitation training, supervision.

Experience and qualifications: Originally trained in Embodied-Relational Therapy (then called Selfheal Psychotherapy) with Nick Totton and Em Edmondson – the core of my practice. One year’s training in Process Oriented Psychology, Wild Therapy training with Nick Totton, 3 years training in Radix® (ongoing), and many shorter courses and trainings including anti-racist practices, solution focused brief therapy, Hakomi, sand tray, shamanic healing, working with autism, CSTD supervision.
I have co-led Wild Therapy trainings, a number of two year Embodied-Relational Therapy trainings, and Group Facilitation Trainings.
I hold an Advanced Diploma in Embodied-Relational Therapy.

Contact details:    

Tel: 01626 438 279

Two people who endorse my work are: Adrian Harris and Emma Palmer