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This page provides links to well-known ecopsychology journals and goes on to list online articles, organised alphabetically.. 

Ecopsychology Journals:

European Journal of Ecopsychology

Ecopsychology: Journal edited in USA

Gatherings: Journal of the International Community for Ecopsychology

The Trumpeter: Journal of Ecosophy – an environmental journal dedicated to the development of an ecosophy, or wisdom, born of ecological understanding and insight

Resurgence Magazine, a UK-based educational charity committed to raising awareness of the key ecological and spiritual issues of our time

Ecopsychology themed editions of UK journals:

Self and Society – please see right-hand column for full details.

Reports and reflections from the first ‘Edge of the Wild’ UK ecopsychology event in Transformations, the journal of ‘Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility’, Autumn/Winter 2012. Download here. This includes the work of: Judith Anderson, James Barrett, Rhonda Brandrick, Dearbhaile Bailey, Chris Robertson, Roger Duncan, Caroline Frizell, Kelvin Hall, Kamalamani, Moira Lake, Lisbet Michelsen, Mary-Jayne Rust, Tabitha-Jayne, and Chris Wilson. 

Reports and reflections from the the second ‘Edge of the Wild event in Transformations, Winter 2013. Download here. This includes the work of Anna Bianchi, Caroline Brazier, Robbie Breadon, Caroline Frizell, Kelvin Hall, Sky McCain, Hilary Prentice, Ro Randall, Jude Smith, Tom Sykes, and Robin Walton.

Self & Society, the International Journal for Humanistic Psychology featured an ecopsychology special two themed editions, both edited by Nick Totton. The first, summer 2014 (Vol 41, Issue 4), featured articles from Caroline Brazier, Caroline Frizell, Kelvin Hall, Kamalamani, Chris RobertsonMary-Jayne RustNick Totton

The second in 2015 (Vol 43, Issue 2), featured articles/interviews from Adrian HarrisDavid Key, Paul MaitenyAllison Priestman, and Nick Totton.

Online Articles:

Jeannette Armstrong: Keepers of the Earth

Ronan Berger:  author of many articles on Nature Therapy

Murray Bookchin: collection of anarchist and social ecology publications 

Rhonda Brandrick: The ecological as psyche: an ecological approach to therapy.

John Davis: The Transpersonal Dimensions of Ecopsychology: Nature, Nonduality, and Spiritual Practice

Caroline Frizell: In Search of the Wider Self

James William Gibson: The Politics of Enchantment – delightful essay about how we might reconnect with nature

Chris Johnstone: What is Deep Ecology? and writings

Martin Jordan: Nature and Self: An Ambivalent Attachment? Taking counselling and psychotherapy outside: Destruction or enrichment of the therapeutic frame? 

Adrian Harris: Green Fuse website of has numerous articles, and see also Sacred Ecology and Goddess Consciousness: Dimensions of Sex, Ecology & the Sacred

Mimi Hilson Katzenbach. Oedipus and Ecopsychology – Parts One and Two

Margaret Kerr & Dave Key: The Ouroborus (Parts 1 & Parts 2): Towards an ontology of connectedness in ecopsychology research

Dave Key: The Ecology of Adventure – Masters Thesis (including an extensive bibliography)

Deena Metzger: Speaking With Elephants

Judith Plant: Women and Nature

Hilary Prentice: Cosmic Walk: Awakening the Ecological Self

Rosemary Randall: A New Climate for Psychotherapy and Loss and Climate Change; and see articles and papers

Theodore Roszak: Ecopsychology: Eight Principles

Mary-Jayne Rust: Climate on the Couch and more at Writings

Mark Schroll: Wrestling with Arne Naess: A chronicle of Ecopsychology’s Origins

John Seed: Ecopsychology – a good introductory essay. Some Deep Ecology Processes as well as various ecopsychology essays

Paul Shepard: Message Delivered by a Bear

E. Richard Sorenson: Preconquest Consciousness

Arran Stibbe: Awakening at the Point of No Return, Language and Ecology vol.3 no.2 2010

Nick Totton:  In particular Living On Earth: Embodiment and Ecopsychology 

Richard Twine: Masculinity, Nature, Ecofeminism

Mary Watkins: various articles and books

Sandra White: Denial, Stories and Visions;  Exile from Earth;  White Lillies: Sacrifice, Transformation and Renewal in our Civilised Age

Check out the academic search engine:  Look up “ecopsychology,” “ecotherapy” for more papers

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