We are living in extraordinary and bewildering times. The inter-related crises of climate emergency, the 6th extinction crisis, the increasing loss of habitats, economic crises and the staggering polarisation of wealth, the gradual realisation of the harm caused to marginalised peoples the world over, to mention but a few, along side the current covid-19 pandemic. We are being called to wake up, dramatically, to our physical as well as our psychological interconnectedness with other-than-human species and with the more-than-human world, as well as paying attention and changing how we related to fellow humans who are systematically oppressed. 

In this awakening we may ask how we have come to a place where we are destroying the very home which supports and nourishes us. And in the same breath, how do we make the transition from this apocalyptic scenario to a place of living in relationship with the rest of life? The purpose of the website is to provide information about ecopsychology in the UK and beyond, including: resources, history, practices, details of the current and previous  ‘Edge of the Wild‘ annual ecopsychology gatherings, practitioners; all with the aim of supporting one another to engage with this crisis. On this site you can connect through finding out more about the annual ‘Edge of the Wild’ ecopsychology gathering which happens every July at the Green & Away tented venue in Worcestershire, England. 

We hope this is all both useful and inspiring, to you and ultimately also to the web of life throughout this still awesome planet. Please note that as a community, Ecopsychology UK is in the process of developing a new website to replace this one, with improved forums and event listings. Watch this space in 2023! In the meanwhile, if you are looking to connect with like-minded people, both virtually, and possibly, locally, then please ask to sign up for the UK ecopsychology uk google group by sending an email to – ecopsychology-uk+subscribe@googlegroups.com. Please participate – we cannot do this alone! , if you have questions or comments please contact us directly and we will do our best to come up with a helpful response.